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  Meet Lolita, a 70lb, Pit mix with a gorgeous, flashy coat of reddish bronze and white. She is house, crate, and leash trained. She'll sit and shake hands and is doing well coming when called. Lolita is very treat motivated and learns fairly quick. She does good with the other dog's in her foster home. No cats! Lolita loves to cuddle and give kisses as well as plenty of energy to enjoy her walks. She's not very vocal, but loves to chat with neighboring dogs. She does well with kids, men, and women. Lolita will love on her people as much as you can want and has a cute smile!  

Estimated DOB:  11/3/2016  

Adoption fee: $50 until July 31, 2022 (6% KY sales tax included) 

We would love to hear from you! To inquire about this dog, please contact us via this site, visit our website to see a full bio, or visit to fill out our adoption application. Important: Our dogs reside in foster homes. Please fill out our adoption application if you would like to meet one of these special dogs! SCHS Veterinary Care and Services for Dogs (5 months of age and older): Prior to being placed for adoption, all dogs, at a minimum, receive a veterinary exam, are neutered/spayed, tested for heartworms and Lyme disease, and treated for internal parasites, flea/tick preventative , current on booster(s), bordetella and rabies vaccinations. SCHS Veterinary Care and Services for Puppies (under 5 months of age): Prior to being placed for adoption, all dogs , at a minimum, receive a veterinary exam, are neutered/spayed , and treated for internal parasites, flea/tick preventative , current on booster(s), and rabies vaccinations. Puppies under 4 months of age will be placed into our foster to adopt program until the above services are met. PLEASE HELP SPONSOR THIS DOG'S FOOD AND VET COSTS  BY MAKING A DONATION! SCHS is a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization that is volunteer-run.

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