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Darling Darius is a sweetheart of a kitten! "Dare" loves running with the foster kitten herd in his home, but checks in with his humans often as he will sit and meow a conversation with you to get attention. Darius loves catnip--he rolls in it, making a total mess of himself, then grins ridiculously at his foster mom in appreciation. Dare also loves to clean! He'll prance all the way around the broom and mop, arching his back and batting at the broom, especially. He gets really wound up over cleaning floors, which makes this chore so much more bearable. 

Darius does well with the adult cats in his home. It's unknown how Dare would react to dogs, but he's young enough that he would probably adjust quickly. Darius needs a human to chat with over coffee and catnip; won't you submit an application today to meet this little conversationalist?

Adoption fee: $80.00 (6% KY sales tax included)

We would love to hear from you! To inquire about this cat, please contact us via this site, visit sc4paws.rescuegroups.org/forms/ to fill out our adoption application, or call 502-863-3279. **Important: Our cats are in foster homes. Please contact us if you would like to meet one of these special kitties.

SCHS Foster Veterinary care and services: 

Prior to being placed up for adoption, all cats (5 months and older), at minimum, receive a veterinary exam and are neutered/spayed, tested negative for FeLuk/FIV, microchipped, current on booster(s) and Rabies vaccination, de-wormed, and flea treated, and checked and treated for ear mites if needed. 

Prior to being placed for adoption, all kittens (under 5 months of age) receive at minimum a veterinary exam and are neutered/spayed, tested negative FeLuk, micro-chipped, current on booster shots, de-wormed, and flea treated, and checked and treated for ear mites if needed. 


SCHS IS A 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization which is volunteer-run.

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