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Charlotte and her sister Nora were adopted out together a few years ago and were recently returned to us though no fault of their own. Charlotte is the more outgoing sister but both are so sweet and loving and  seem to rely on each other for comfort in stressful times. We were informed when the girls were returned that they had been pooping right outside their litter box for two years. After we observed the two girls we realized that the only one pooping outside the box was Charlotte. At first we were concerned it was a medical problem but our vet confirmed she is healthy and in her opinion it was behavioral. We are in the process of trying different things to change her behavior but there is a possibility she will never change. In short, her adopter will have to be ok with her pooping right outside the box. These two beautiful girls are looking for a forever home together and a new human to add to their family.

Adoption fee: $53

We would love to hear from you! To inquire about this cat, please contact us via this site, visit to fill out our adoption application, or call 502-863-3279. **Important: Our cats are in foster homes. Please contact us if you would like to meet one of these special kitties.

SCHS Foster Veterinary care and services: 

Prior to being placed up for adoption, all cats (5 months and older), at minimum, receive a veterinary exam and are neutered/spayed, tested negative for FeLuk/FIV, microchipped, current on booster(s) and Rabies vaccination, de-wormed, and flea treated, and checked and treated for ear mites if needed. 

Prior to being placed for adoption, all kittens (under 5 months of age) receive at minimum a veterinary exam and are neutered/spayed, tested negative FeLuk, micro-chipped, current on booster shots, de-wormed, and flea treated, and checked and treated for ear mites if needed. 


SCHS IS A 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization which is volunteer-run.

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