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Mako has many Turkish Van cat traits; he’s social, verbal, loves his scratching post, and wants to be in the center of family activities (cooking, TV). He’s curious and playful and can occupy himself with toys. Mako acts like a 15 pound kitten when he starts to play sometimes! Not a lap cat, but will lay beside you, on the cushion above you, or follow you around. When he’s not napping, he’s on the move or watching you from a comfy perch. Mako does well with other cats and dogs, although generally being aloof to them. He is most often a pretty relaxed kitty, but when he gets really excited/playful he will sometimes nip at his people. So we don't think that he is well suited for a home with small children.

It is important that he be an indoor cat due to his history of skin cancer. Both of his ears had to be cropped due to skin cancer, which gives him his adorable, teddy bear appearance. Thankfully, he does not have any lingering issues or treatment needed for his ears and is cancer free.

Mako seems to have arthritis in one of his front legs. He is currently on a low dose of medication that he takes every other day and will likely have to continue for the foreseeable future. He is easy to medicate - his foster mom just puts it on a scoop of can food. 

Approx DOB: 2/2016

Adoption fee: $53.00 

We would love to hear from you! To inquire about this cat, please contact us via this site, visit to fill out our adoption application, or call 502-863-3279. **Important: Our cats are in foster homes. Please contact us if you would like to meet one of these special kitties.

SCHS Foster Veterinary care and services: 

Prior to being placed up for adoption, all cats (5 months and older), at minimum, receive a veterinary exam and are neutered/spayed, tested negative for FeLuk/FIV, microchipped, current on booster(s) and Rabies vaccination, de-wormed, and flea treated, and checked and treated for ear mites if needed. 

Prior to being placed for adoption, all kittens (under 5 months of age) receive at minimum a veterinary exam and are neutered/spayed, tested negative FeLuk, micro-chipped, current on booster shots, de-wormed, and flea treated, and checked and treated for ear mites if needed. 


SCHS IS A 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization which is volunteer-run.

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