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Barn Cat Barn Cat
Looking for a barn cat? Photos in this listing are simply generic photos. Since our barn kitty "inventory" changes, we only use generic photos but are able to send you specific photos of cats available when you put in a barn cat application with your interest and what you are looking for. SCHS has male and female cats who are in need of forever homes in barns! Short haired, medium haired, long haired, a variety of colors and patterns, and ages . . . .these more about Barn Cat
Coffee Coffee
NEEDED: 1. A family that will be patient with me and give me time to adjust to a new home. I'm very fearful at first. You must earn my trust it is not given freely! 2. A warm bed to sleep in. (I'd prefer yours or a kids) I like cuddling under the covers! 3. Someone with patience. If you force me to do things I WILL bite you. My foster mom has learned how to work around my fears and get me to do things I dont like to do. Like go in a crate. I also dont like to be picked up but she's figured more about Coffee
Charcoal Charcoal
  WANTED: 1. A Home with experienced dog owners 2. Someone who likes to take dogs to a trainer (I'm a work in progress) 3. I like women, men not so much 4. a big bed to sleep in (I mean YOUR bed) New people have become scary to me. I take time to warm up if we've never met. Sometimes I forget that we've met so.... yeah Tust is an issue for me. I'm loving and loyal to my foster home, so I will be to you too once I know you. I do NOT like dog parks but I do like to go for walks. I'm more about Charcoal
Bobble Bobble
Bobble is a happy and extremely playful guy who has a special story. Bobble came into the Humane Society as a bottle baby, and had a rough start in life. As a baby, he was diagnosed with FIP, which is almost always fatal in kittens although thankfully is not contagious. The Humane Society agreed that Bobble was worth it and decided to proceed with an experimental treatment for FIP. This required almost 3 months of daily injections for Bobble but this little guy is a champ and more about Bobble