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Highlighted Cats:
Barn Cat Barn Cat
Looking for a barn cat? Photos in this listing are simply generic photos. Since our barn kitty "inventory" changes, we only use generic photos but are able to send you specific photos of cats available when you put in a barn cat application with your interest and what you are looking for. SCHS has male and female cats who are in need of forever homes in barns! Short haired, medium haired, long haired, a variety of colors and patterns, and ages . . . .these more about Barn Cat
Mako Mako
Mako has many Turkish Van cat traits; he’s social, verbal, loves his scratching post, and wants to be in the center of family activities (cooking, TV). He’s curious and playful and can occupy himself with toys. Mako acts like a 15 pound kitten when he starts to play sometimes! Not a lap cat, but will lay beside you, on the cushion above you, or follow you around. When he’s not napping, he’s on the move or watching you from a comfy perch. Mako does well with other cats more about Mako
Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker's life goal is to be a rock climber!  If no rocks around he would at least like a scratching post.   He is friendly boy who loves to run and play with his siblings.  He has had some urinary tract issues so will need to be on special food unless vet says otherwise.  We recommend that cats with URI issues be fed canned food to make sure they get enough water in their diet. Estimated DOB:  5/12/21  Adoption fee: $80 (6% KY sales tax more about Luke Skywalker
Henna Henna
Sweet, sweet Henna is an active, people loving calico. She almost always greets her foster mom at the door when she comes home. She immediately flops around on the floor like a fish, practically begging for a little attention. Henna is completely comfortable with dogs in the house and enjoys the company of other cats. She might be 2 years old, but she is often ready to run and wrestle like a spry kitten. Henna has struggled with sinus congestion since she has come into our care and despite more about Henna