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Barn Cat Barn Cat
Looking for a barn cat? Photos in this listing are simply generic photos. Since our barn kitty "inventory" changes, we only use generic photos but are able to send you specific photos of cats available when you put in a barn cat application with your interest and what you are looking for. SCHS has male and female cats who are in need of forever homes in barns! Short haired, medium haired, long haired, a variety of colors and patterns, and ages . . . .these more about Barn Cat
Aladdin Aladdin
My name is Aladdin and I can show you a whole new world. I’m a big orange boy and an absolute love bug. I do this funny little thing with my paws and it’s so precious. I tend to pick up my paws almost like I’m hurt, but I’m not. I’m just a funny guy! I will need to be on prescription urinary food for the rest of my life. Adoption fee: $53 We would love to hear from you! To inquire about this cat, please contact us via this site, visit more about Aladdin
Glitter Glitter
Glitter is a super sweet high energy girl who needs a fenced in yard! She enjoys giving hugs and knows how to sit but still needs someone with patience who can help her with training. Glitter is mostly housebroken but tends to mark her territory when she smells other animals. She does well around cats and dogs but we would not recommend a home with small animals. She prefers to have her own food bowl. Glitter is a super fun girl who would do great in a home where she can be more about Glitter
Coco Puff Coco Puff
Do you like to play? I LOVE to play! I like toys of all kinds, I love to run around and play with other dogs.  I love kids they are great fun!  I'm house trained and crate trained. I got to meet a pet rabbit the other day and he smelled GREAT! Don't worry I just sniffed him a LOT!! Where are my manners? Let me introduce myself, I'm Coco Puff, I'm a 5 year old Boxer mix.  I act just like my breed says I will. As much as I love to play, I also like curling more about Coco Puff